Our work

Here you can find out more about our work, including our plans and projects. We will also be using this page to explore and explain the issue of aviation noise. 

Cover page of ICCAN report on the future of Aviation Noise Management, March 2021.

We have published our report on the future of aviation noise management

This sets out how aviation noise can be managed going forward, as well as how the framework of regulation should evolve. 

Our Corporate Strategy 2021-24

We have published our Corporate Strategy 2021-2024, setting out how we will work towards our vision, and deliver on our ambitions over the coming three years.

These build on our recommendations made in our Report on the future of aviation noise management. 

To help us develop our plans for the coming three years, we published a document in October 2020, setting out our emerging view on how noise management could be improved upon in the future, as well as our draft proposals for how ICCAN could help seek to achieve this through specific goals and activities.

Aerial view of crowd with airplane shadow
ICCAN ambitions graphic detailing how aviation noise can be managed

Our progress so far

Since we were established in January 2019, we have been working on a number of work streams and projects.

These include:

  • Recommending a way forward for noise annoyance and health (published in December 2019)
  • Reviewing how aviation noise is measured, monitored and reported on (published in July 2020)
  • Publishing best practice for airports on consulting with communities and stakeholders on airspace change (Toolkit on consultation around airspace change published in July 2020, Best practice on engaging with communities published in December 2020)
  • Reviewing the evidence base for the links between aviation noise and health (published in October 2020)
  • Reviewing airport noise insulation schemes (published February 2021)
  • Reviewing existing enforcement and regulatory mechanisms and powers (published in March 2021)
  • Publishing plans for the next Aviation Noise Attitudes Survey (ANAS) (published in June 2021)

If aviation noise affects or interests you, we want to hear from you so that we can work together to improve how aviation noise is managed.

Please do contact us


Our first Corporate Strategy

In June 2019 we received over 100 responses to a survey on our first Corporate Strategy.  We took these into account for the final version, and there was broad support for ICCAN’s objectives. These were:

  • To increase trust, transparency, and clarity in the aviation noise debate
  • To promote consistency, responsibility and accountability within the industry and beyond
  • To establish our expertise, authority and credibility.

In June 2020, we published a report on our progress against these objectives and what we said we would do one year into our Corporate Strategy.

The Independent Commission on Civil Aviation noise ceased operating on 30 September 2021.

You can read the Government’s statement on ICCAN’s closure and Head Commissioner Rob Light’s letter to the Minister to learn more.

Any further questions about ICCAN’s work or aviation noise should be directed to the Department for Transport.