Our work

Here you can find out more about our work, including our plans and projects. We will also be using this page to explore and explain the issue of aviation noise. 

ICCAN commissioned NatCen to review the evidence on links between aviation noise and public health. Read the report and our next steps here

Our work

Since January 2019, ICCAN has met with hundreds of people up and down the country to hear their perspectives on aviation noise.

Our commissioners and our Secretary have visited air traffic control towers, community centres, residents’ homes, universities, noise laboratories and airlines’ offices.

This extensive engagement has helped to develop our insight and form our plans for the coming two years. You can read about these in our Corporate Strategy here. You can also check our progress and read about our achievements so far in this report published one year in.

To see all our publications click here.

Aerial view of Manchester
Close up view of a control dashboard
  • Our projects

We are continuing to work on the other projects that we set out in our Corporate Strategy in July 2019.

These include:

  • Recommending a way forward for noise annoyance and health (published in December 2019)
  • Reviewing how aviation noise is measured, monitored and reported on (published in July 2020)
  • Publishing best practice for airports on consulting with communities and stakeholders.on airspace change (Toolkit on consultation around airspace change published in July 2020, Best practice on engaging with communities published in December 2020)
  • Reviewing existing enforcement and regulatory mechanisms and powers (due for publication in Spring 2021)

If aviation noise affects or interests you, we want to hear from you so that we can work together to improve how aviation noise is managed.

Please do contact us

Review of the Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014 (SoNA)

We have reviewed the Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014 and published our findings in December 2019. We think there needs to be a better understanding of the impact of noise on people’s lives. So we are working to develop a new survey that can examine people’s attitudes to aviation noise more regularly in the future.

Large jet aircraft on landing approach over suburban housing
View from the ground of a plane flying over a building

Our Corporate Strategy

In June 2019 we received over 100 responses to a survey on our draft Corporate Strategy.  We took these into account for the final version, and there was broad support for ICCAN’s objectives. These are:

  • To increase trust, transparency, and clarity in the aviation noise debate
  • To promote consistency, responsibility and accountability within the industry and beyond
  • To establish our expertise, authority and credibility.

In June 2020, we published a report on our progress against these objectives and what we said we would do one year into our Corporate Strategy.

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