ICCAN’s emerging view on the future of aviation noise management

Please note that the survey on ICCAN’s emerging view is now closed. We will be taking the feedback we have received forward in our future work and our next Corporate Strategy.

ICCAN was created in January 2019, as an impartial, non-statutory body, to play a key advisory role on aviation noise and how it affects communities. We are seeking to rebuild trust between airports and their communities, which we know has broken down in many places across the country and to encourage greater consistency, clarity and accountability from the aviation industry.

As ICCAN approaches the completion of its first two-year work programme, we are looking to the future and considering what aviation noise management might look like in a landscape that has been radically altered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the document below, we have outlined ICCAN’s emerging view on the future of aviation noise management, as well as our vision and goals over the next three years.  

The ideas set out in this document are for our second Corporate Strategy (2021-24) and seek to build a shared vision of the destination as well as a route map for how we can get there. 

Our survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded and contributed their views. 

Online focus groups:

We also held six focus groups using Microsoft Teams during November and early December, to hear in more detail from a range of stakeholders.

These have now also ended. Thank you also to everyone who attended and took part in them.

The Independent Commission on Civil Aviation noise ceased operating on 30 September 2021.

You can read the Government’s statement on ICCAN’s closure and Head Commissioner Rob Light’s letter to the Minister to learn more.

Any further questions about ICCAN’s work or aviation noise should be directed to the Department for Transport.