ICCAN’s best practice for engagement between airports and communities on aviation noise

We have published our best practice for airports’ engagement with communities on the issue of aviation noise. 

Aviation is undergoing an extremely turbulent time during the Covid-19 crisis, but we believe airports should continue to engage while the skies are quieter and as future plans develop.

Keeping communication channels open now can, we believe, nurture and maintain trust so that when the skies do get busier and louder, these relationships can be built on and lead to even more meaningful dialogue taking place. 

Communication, even during this quieter period, is crucial for maintaining a dialogue with communities so they can be aware of how airports are building back and how it might impact them.

We have designed our best practice with the current situation at the forefront of our minds. It contains recommendations that can be phased over time: in the short-term, while aviation levels are low, as well as in the medium and longer-term, as operational activities build back up and resources become more available again.

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