ICCAN survey on people’s experience of aviation noise during lockdown

ICCAN has published a snapshot of people’s experiences of aviation noise during lockdown. 

With fewer aircraft flying due to Covid-19, we wanted to gather people’s views on aviation noise and see how their attitudes might change as the aviation industry seeks to recover.

ICCAN commissioned market research company, Ipsos MORI, to conduct an independent survey of people living near five airports in the UK: Heathrow, Manchester, Gatwick, East Midlands and Edinburgh. 

A note setting out the key findings and ICCAN’s next steps has been produced to accompany the survey. You can download the note below. 

You can also download the Ipsos MORI survey report ‘Aviation noise during lockdown’, along with the full data tables, further down this page. 

Tables containing all the data collected by Ipsos MORI for the survey are available to read here. 

An accompanying FAQs document is available to read here.

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