Portrait photo headshot of Secretary to the Commission Sam Hartley

Sam Hartley

Secretary to the Commission

“The challenges of managing the impact of aviation noise will only grow as the aviation industry recovers from the Covid pandemic and planes return to the skies. As a young and growing organisation, I’m proud of the team of staff and experts we have built, which the ICCAN board can rely upon to provide robust and evidenced-based advice on aviation noise matters.”

Appointed 7 January 2019

As Secretary to the Commission, Sam leads the organisation that supports ICCAN’s board. He was ICCAN’s first staff appointment on its establishment by the UK Government in January 2019 and has been responsible for building the team, and setting and delivering ICCAN’s programme of work. He is an experienced public servant whose background is in the constitutional and regulatory fields, in which he has led and had other senior roles in healthcare, constitutional and electoral regulators, as well as in the UK Cabinet Office. He has a non-executive appointment on another independent Government agency, and sits as an independent member on a Government department Audit and Risk Committee.