Working for ICCAN

From time to time ICCAN has vacancies that are open to Civil Servants and external applicants. Current vacancies are listed below.

What’s it like to work at ICCAN?

Name: Katherine Prentice
Job role: Analyst
Joined ICCAN: July 2019

Working for a small, independent arm’s-length organisation is both challenging and rewarding. I was the second analyst to join ICCAN. At a high level, my role is to help realise ICCAN’s objectives, as set out in the Corporate Strategy. I’ve recently been doing this by leading ICCAN’s review of Aviation noise metrics and measurement, which we have now successfully published. My next steps will be developing the follow-on projects that lead from the recommendations, as well as supporting my colleagues in other ongoing projects.

My day-to-day jobs can include analysing data, researching policy and exploring processes related to acoustics or the aviation industry. I’m particularly interested in developing ideas to improve the way that aviation noise is monitored and reported, as well as bringing consistency to processes.

The role also allows me a variety of opportunities to meet new people or organisations. One day I might be in a meeting with acoustics and health experts to discuss the intricacies of noise metrics; another presenting to ICCAN’s board on the results of my latest research. I also have the opportunity to get involved in supporting ICCAN’s other projects. It’s really interesting to learn about all the aspects of noise impacts, and rewarding to know that my contributions will hopefully bring about positive changes.

As a small organisation, we all know each other really well. There is a great and diverse mix of people at ICCAN. This makes for a very enjoyable and social working environment, whether you’re into baking, murder mysteries or getting overly competitive at building glider models during a team building event! (for the record, my team won). ICCAN have also gone above and beyond in ensuring that everyone is included and supported during lockdown.

Fun fact: I’m like Ross from Friends, as I have a degree and PhD in Palaeontology. (My favourite dinosaur is Parasaurolophus).

Name: Louisa Guise
Job role: Communications Lead
Joined ICCAN: March 2019

ICCAN Comms Lead Louisa Guise at the Lost Lake, Whistler, Canada August 2019.

I was number four in the door, starting in a tiny office in Guildford with the instruction to enter ICCAN into the digital realm. My how we’ve grown into larger offices in nearby Woking, powering on remotely through a pandemic but never losing sight of our mission to investigate aviation noise whilst supporting one another, and our stakeholders, through the most uncertain of times. As a small office, we have some fun with different activities in our morning meetings and some after-work socials. Distance is no barrier when you have Teams.

Back to the day job. I play the role of content writer, project manager, graphic designer, social media purveyor, email builder, image obtainer, report collator, data collector, webcaster and information researcher. I am responsible for the website, from its conception to uploading documents, maintaining pages and seeking new ways to engage with ICCAN’s audiences. I have also had the opportunity to attend a variety of stakeholder meetings and organise film shoots with more to come in future.

Outside of my main role I have arranged a schedule of activities for ICCAN team meetings. I have also taken on the title of diversity champion, which has included setting up protocols to make documents accessible for all.

Fun fact: I had a birthday card shown on CBBC for my 3rd birthday. I don’t think it’s made its way onto YouTube yet, but my parents still have the tape.

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