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ICCAN was established in 2019 with the aim of improving trust in the management of aviation noise.

After reviewing the Review of the Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014 in December 2019, we believe that the impact of noise on people’s lives must be better understood.

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Improving how aviation noise is managed since 2019

The Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise is a body created to act as an independent, impartial voice on civil aviation noise and how it affects communities.

Since January 2019, ICCAN’s task has been to develop our own understanding and knowledge about aviation noise as well as meet organisations, people and communities that are affected.

In the first year of ICCAN’s existence, we have met with hundreds of different stakeholders, including community groups, academics, airports, airlines, industry bodies and government.

To meet the ICCAN senior team click here. To view our transparency documents, including on governance, board meetings and other records click here.

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Our aim

ICCAN’s aim for its first two years is:

  • To improve public confidence and trust in the management of aviation noise, by building our expertise, credibility and profile across the UK.

Our strategic objectives

ICCAN has three key strategic objectives:

  • To increase trust, transparency, and clarity in the aviation noise debate
  • To promote consistency, responsibility and accountability within the industry and beyond
  • To establish our expertise, authority and credibility.

Our Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy identifies work we are doing to deliver on these objectives, which includes:

  • Reviewing the Survey of Noise Attitudes (SoNA) and making recommendations to the Government on future public opinion research (published in December 2019) 
  • Reviewing metrics used for measuring and providing guidance on the management of aviation noise.
  • Studying how airports consult with their communities when planning airspace changes and publishing new best practice guidance.

Our remit

ICCAN is not a noise ombudsman, we cannot handle or deal with complaints, and it is not in our remit to stop airports expanding.

Our ambition is that aviation noise is an important consideration in investment decisions and changes made by the aviation industry, government and regulators.

We are also looking to raise the profile of aviation noise as a public health issue and are already taking our first steps to change the discussion on aviation noise for the better.

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